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Mostly I ran around in slow circles like a sloth who couldn't find a tree today. I also fiddled with my circles a bit and discovered to my dismay that +Alis D. had turned into an email-only link. Did she delete or was she suspended? Seems rude to send an invite to find out, either way. I'm not sure if mentioning her here will email her or not. Intentional departures, too, as I crawl away slowly. (+David Leung, +Brandon Blackmoor, you will be missed, but as I am working on prying myself off in my own way I can hardly blame you.)

Dreamwidth: Have created an account to host bloggish stuff. Am still getting it set up. My guess is that this represents the most solid combination of policy, circles, and accessibility -- plus it features threaded comments and real moderation.

I'm not very satisfied with Diaspora -- their privacy hearts are definitely in the right place, but I am not convinced that they know how to write secure code. However if anyone wants to play with their alpha I can now provide invites.

And then I got distracted by the dog. Squeaka squeak squeak!
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