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Oda (Gretchen) ([personal profile] oda) wrote2011-12-23 12:36 pm
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LG Optimus V Network Bugs / Tasker App Replacements

In repairing an annoying very intermittent network bug on my phone where it fails to connect to 3g at all (very frustrating as it will happen sometimes to my phone and sometimes to my husband's), I discovered that there is a another general network bug on the LG Optimus V: it is bugged into a mode where it is scanning for cell networks 50% of the time even if you have a solid CDMA connection. The best workaround for this is to put the phone into airplane mode for 15 seconds after booting; this will hold until the next reboot.

There is a small app on the market, Toggle AirplaneMode On Boot that will handle this, or in my case I'm doing it with a Tasker profile that waits until the first crush of booting is done with and then toggles it. There's also an app, Network, which will go straight into the RadioInfo menu for the settings workaround, if airplane mode doesn't work for some reason. Another workaround, which has worked for me when airplane toggle and even rebooting didn't work, was to dismount and remount the SD card. (Buh.) Fixing this setting considerably lowers the Cell Standby battery use, and you can tell if it's working by plugging your phone back in, unplugging it, and checking after a minute: when it's fixed there won't be a stat for 'Time Without Signal' under Cell Standby on the battery history screen, assuming that you have a good signal to Virgin.

I am also able to replace Silent Boot with a Tasker On Shutdown/On Boot profile to mute the hideous Virgin boot sound.

Apps Replaced By Tasker: 4.5; Toggle AirplaneMode On Boot, Silent Boot, and Unlock at Home; I am keeping a backup of Network on my SD card in case I need to dig into that menu later. I am counting Llama, Setting Profiles, and TaskBomb as "1" because I was evaluating them all for similar purposes but hadn't decided which one when I realized that I preferred Tasker even though it's rather fiddly to set up. They're all pretty worthy for someone looking for something simpler.

Apps Added Due to Tasker: 1; AutoShortcut, which allows Tasker to run a shortcut (in my case a music playlist.)