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I've been kind of distracted by all of the ways to skin an Android, as well as trying to find good productivity apps for keeping a shared to-do list with my husband. Here is the pure nonsense part of the proceedings, all about the looks. I got the idea from a thread on Android Forums about creating a Debossed Theme, which provided many useful widgets.

This is a little busy but contains all of my notifying apps, time, weather, etc. at a glance, and makes a very informative home screen dashboard.

Debossed Android Home Screen on Celadon Crackle-Glaze

I am using:

ADWLauncher EX or ADW.Launcher with the Hand Carved Theme for icons. Stock phone (using the call icon because the green goes better with the theme), stock messages, ColorNote, and MailDroid with the Email icon set. I use gesture control for the notifier bar and the dock. I am not rooted and don't think I can theme the notifier bar without rooting, so I hide it when I'm not using it.

The control widgets paulmz kindly provided on the top.

Beautiful Widgets with paulmz's Debossed theme set for the Home and Weather widgets.

Media Buttons re-themed with icons swiped out of paulmz's modded Music player APK.

And a link to the wallpaper, from a photo of a plate:

Thumbnail of Celadon Crackle-Glaze Wallpaper

What I'd change if I actually had image editing skills (I have some very rusty and primitive GIMP practice but nothing up to this):

  • Shrink the bluetooth widget icon so it's more in keeping with the size of the other widgets.
  • Re-skin the Hand Carved theme in a Debossed look so they don't have as sharp edges and aren't colored or are more subtly colored.
  • Build a battery widget theme so I can have a circular/pie or ring debossed battery widget, very minimalistic and inset like the other widgets.

If I could actually program I would build a notifier that instead of just adding a little colored circle to the phone, message, mail, etc. icons to notify, changes their color or makes them glow. (I don't need the number count, I just need to know if I have unread stuff.)

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