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Oda (Gretchen) ([personal profile] oda) wrote2011-08-28 04:06 pm
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Update: Pondering Diaspora Security

Sarah Mei, one of the Diaspora core contributors, has responded to my post on Pondering Diaspora Security. On a weekend no less! Please see the comments on Diaspora, and reply there if you wish.

Anyone who would like an invitation to the joindiaspora.com pod in order to respond directly may PM me with an email address; you may also sign up directly without an invitation on the diasp.org pod.
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[personal profile] reddragdiva 2011-08-29 09:56 am (UTC)(link)
It turns out the comments on that post, beyond the last few, are not accessible without a Diaspora account. You may need to copy'n'paste.
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[personal profile] eludebaker 2011-09-01 05:08 pm (UTC)(link)
By the way, who owns Diasp.org - maybe You?
(reply from suspended user)