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Oda (Gretchen) ([personal profile] oda) wrote2011-08-27 05:04 pm

Project Google Guinea Pig

My husband has agreed to be a guinea pig!

What does this entail?

Well, he got a GMail account when we got our Android phones a few months ago. He's been using it just for GMail, Android Market, and Docs access. He has fewer apps than I do, and no Google+ posting history, so in short he has less to lose, though losing access to his Android Market purchase history can cost us some real world money. He is worried, having already grown fond of his phone, but resigned to his fate.

He is going to sign up for every Google service we can think of, and do some minimal amount of user activity where meaningful, to have a basic state of being an active Google user on all of them. We will document what that looks like.

Then he will downgrade his Google Profile and see what happens, and screenshot the results. Of particular interest, of course, is what happens to his phone.

This of course happens as we have time and energy, and he is undergoing a Work Crunchâ„¢ right now, so it will occur in the usual slothlike question. If anyone is faster than us and wants to try this themselves, please post your results! They might actually end up varying, based on prior evidence. Please don't try this if you've spent a lot of money on Android phone apps and weren't intending to leave anyhow, as it could possibly lose you access to your apps.

Since Google is giving inconsistent information about what exactly is attached to Profiles, let's do a black box test and find out. If anyone has experiences which differ, then we will know that it's probably another bug and can raise that issue with even more urgency -- and perhaps even hope for data recovery on any improperly affected users.

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[personal profile] hub 2011-08-28 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
I deleted my G+ account (after they locked it - I'm not gonna fight the wind mills nor cave to their insanity) and still have access to the rest, my Android phone, my Gmail, even the pictures I posted on Picasa.
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[personal profile] hub 2011-08-28 03:19 am (UTC)(link)
No problem.
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[personal profile] catsittingstill 2011-08-29 12:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Did you have apps on your Android phone before you deleted your account, and, if so, do they still work?

(and if so did you buy them from the Android Market?)
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[personal profile] hub 2011-08-29 03:43 pm (UTC)(link)
I haven't seen any change to that regard. I have only have "Free" apps, so if there is billing involved I don't know, but I haven't lost anything the the apps still update and can be installed. My gmail and Gtalk still work.
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[personal profile] catsittingstill 2011-08-30 12:31 am (UTC)(link)

It especially interests me that Gtalk still works; I'm hoping to hang on to that myself. I appreciate your update.

And I'm not interested in Picasa myself but I understand you have to have a Google profile to use it, so it's kind of nice to know that deleting your G+ account doesn't remove your Google profile.
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[personal profile] vrimj 2011-08-28 06:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Awesome experiment I will be following along
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