Dec. 25th, 2011

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More on book management... MyBookDroid will import from and export to Goodreads quite well for a beta, though it's not true sync yet. (That's on the roadmap.) It's also a partial import, but still, it hits the important part: shelves. All in all, it gives me the good key features of making it easy to see my list of desired books, so if I'm in a bookstore I can check if the book is on my list, as well as an easy way to import physical books onto my list -- I can scan a book and put it on my 'buy later' list, or scan a book I've just read to easily rate it and import it into Goodreads.

Goodreads itself is proving to be a good social library site, with good privacy options combined with social goodness, something a lot of sites find hard to balance. It's very easy to add books in, especially with app support, and it talks quite well to Calibre.

Calibre is the newest addition, and seems to be a very fine personal library server. I can selectively export to Goodreads, which I like, as well as create records for physical books. It has an ebook reader built-in, and will serve up a library. I wasn't able to get Aldiko to talk to the library, but I tried Moon+ Reader and liked a lot of its other features as well as its ability to see my Calibre library.

I'm also going to give Cool Reader a try because it's GPL, and keep an eye on Book Catalogue, which doesn't seem to have online backup/sync as of yet, and that's something I really need.

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