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Ways To Take Action

My Name Is Me

Are you someone who uses a pen name? An author, an actor, a musician, an artist? Do you change your name for business? Do you know anyone high profile who does?

My Name Is Me can use contributors.

Original post by +K Robert (Skud): https://plus.google.com/103325808503679220346/posts/LpCFPG1AezL
More thoughts on strategy by Skud: https://plus.google.com/103325808503679220346/posts/LpCFPG1AezL

Submit Feedback

1. Go to your profile page. Click 'send feedback'. Highlight your name. Submit your suggestions.

NOTE: It is very important that you submit your feedback exactly like this. If you do it elsewhere (e.g. highlighting names in a post, instead of your name on your profile page), then it won't get collated as accurately.

Original post by +Sai .: https://plus.google.com/103112149634414554669/posts/9mbQq6gvwqp

Build A Better Mousetrap

Sadly I am not really flush with VCs in my contact list, but +Shava Nerad has even written a pitch for this.