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Punted on much of yesterday; health is acting up, so no real progress on data liberation other than to do a bit of research. Android liberation in particular is reminding me of how much fun it is to deal with Monsanto; the more I look, the more of a tangle it seems to be. Here, have some links!

Alternatives to the Google monoculture
"Monocultures are unhealthy, whether it’s a crop or an informational system, and privacy is a fundamental necessity to democratic institutions. The Internet is arguably one of the most democratic places ever to have existed, but tracking users – not to mention forcing them to use a government-accepted name – threatens that." -- Leaf and Steel

"They knew exactly what they were getting into, and chose to do it anyway. The stalling, avoidance of the issues, and all-too-rare weasel-worded statements are exactly what I would expect from Vic and the rest of G+ management based on their behaviour pre-launch" -- +K Robert in a comment highlighted by +Collette Lynner

Own Your Own Identity
"But all of these proprietary networks that want to own and hold in your content are reversing much of the web’s progress in some other areas, such as the durability and quality of online identity." -- Marco Arment

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Date: 2011-08-13 04:49 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] dee
Re. the blog post at marco.org: While he's right, it's bizarre (or, well, just laughably incorrect) that he's lauding Tumblr as an example of a cloud service that does things "right".

Tumblr might let you put pretty colours on your blog, but it give you no way to export your posts... and, more importantly, no way of exporting community responses to your posts. Tumblr also doesn't support things like pingbacks that let blogs do cross-platform communications. That's indicative of some pretty serious single-service lock-in, IMO.

So Tumblr is good at identity but not data, Google is good at data but not identity. Hrm...
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