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2012-07-06 11:38 am
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No Shadow Kick

Like the groundhog I have either seen or not seen my shadow, whichever one involves going back into the burrow.

I went on a very unplanned social media vacation (really, also a web vacation in general) some months back, and I'm not really sure when it will end. It's nice to poke around again and see lots of interesting discourse and posts; I simply don't have the spoons to contribute, however. Sadly I've had to call off some of the Android/G+ experimentation I'd planned as being far too ambitious for my ongoing spoon levels. I'm still thinking (albeit very slowly) about ways to be more independent in my electronic life; I still am quite addicted to electronics, though right now my use is incredibly minimalistic.

News on things such as the Raspberry Pi is heartwarming -- making computing cheaper and more ubiquitous, and services more turnkey and home-based, is certainly a good trend.